8 June 2009

Interior Decorating: The Epilogue

More than a year ago I wrote about decorating my room, saying it would still be geeky, but strive for a little more elegance by carefully picking the posters I was going to put up, and placing them in glass clip frames.

Well, it took a while in the end, but I've finally got up all the posters I originally planned on. And I like it. Like I said, the theme would be manga/anime women. There's a big Ghost in the Shell movie poster on one end wall, a couple of smaller posters of Masamune Shirow's work, together with a Lum and a NausicaƤ on the other walls, all hung nice and even in their classy frames.

Now, if only I didn't have quite as much junk covering my shelves and tables, the room would almost look good.

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