17 August 2009

Dreams from the Fresh Kills

Update: First session of new RPG campaign.

After a few months, I finally got around to starting my new RPG, titled Dreams from the Fresh Kills. This is a mystery story set in modern day Staten Island, New York City, aiming for a surreal atmosphere akin to David Lynch productions. This grew mostly out of a desire to try something different after running Kin of Cerberos, a much more action themed game, for a good while, and also a little from the trouble we had getting the rhythm of fights right in that game. The current game is likely to feature very little combat for the most part, focusing more on character interaction and investigation.

As with earlier games, I'll do story write-ups of each session and post them online. This is primarily for the convenience of me and my players, but anyone is of course free to read them.

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