22 September 2009

Do Not Adjust Your Set

Update: Total makeover, new server!

Yes, BossBattle.net once again has a brand new look! An elegant minimalism has always been my goal, and I think I've achieved it a little better this time than in the previous incarnation. I used a blog template from Blogger.com as a starting point, first customizing the look for my blog section, then moving on to craft style settings for the rest of the pages to match the look of the blog. The blog section has actually switched from being published via ftp to being hosted at Blogger.com. Readers should notice little difference in behaviour, but it makes creating and editing posts somewhat faster and easier.

For the last few years my brother has graciously hosted BossBattle.net on his server. My thanks to him. However, he decided finally to pull the plug, forcing me to find new hosting, which I found on the servers of Kapsi Internet-käyttäjät ry., a Finnish non-profit organisation offering various Internet services to its members. Everything should now be transferred and in working order.

I'm sure tweaking is still needed in some areas, but a little rest is now in order after a couple of days of hard work.

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