28 October 2009

All in a Week's Work

Came down with a cold and, having nothing better to do (or rather no energy for anything better), I realised I hadn't blogged in a while and decided to do something about it. Of course this would be easier if I actually had something to blog about, but life has been pretty boring once again of late.

Well, not boring as such, just stuff that's not really great for blogging, or at too early a stage to get much out of. I participated in a pretty cool LARP (live action role-playing game) last weekend. I don't LARP all that much, maybe a couple times a year lately, and then only in games organised by good friends of mine (whose games tend to be of excellent quality and often of a slightly experimental nature). They usually have to force me to enter, lazy sod that I am, but I'm always happy when they do, as they've turned out to be great experiences.

Perhaps inspired by the events of last weekend, perhaps because of my illness, or simply in a moment of insanity, I've actually started planning a LARP of my own. Yes, I have a long history of running table-top RPG's, but running a LARP is a very different undertaking. Even smallish games generally have at least 10+ players involved, and they all need well written background information to play their parts right... Not to mention the logistics involved.

I also begun re-playing Metal Gear Solid 2 after many years. Hopefully I'll stick to it and get a review out finally (which will be nothing but praise, obviously). This annoying cough and runny nose aren't really inspiring me to play right now, and I know from experience how disastrous even a short break can be for completing undertakings...

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