14 October 2009

The Geekoscope

OK, so I was just fooling around with asteroids in my horoscope. 'Cause that's what sane people do in their spare time, right? The Swiss Ephemeris backend I use for calculating object positions can pretty much calculate the position of any asteroid, if you download the correct ephemeris file. There are some asteroids with some pretty interesting, and, frankly, zany, names out there. Or up there. Whatever. I stumbled upon asteroids called GNU and Linux, for instance.

So I start thinking, what if I replace all the traditional planets with asteroids associated with really geeky concepts and people? Thus was the geekoscope born.

Finding a group of suitable names proved a challenge. First to come to mind was the dwarf planet Eris, which was originally nicknamed Xena. This was too good to pass by. But for the rest... There are just so many asteroids out there, too many to go through them all. I managed to scrounge up a few names at Wikipedia. I'm sure there are other geeky asteroids out there, but these will suffice for now. Apart from Xena (aka Eris), they are all main asteroid belt objects. Which is a little boring, but that's where the most unusual names are to be found. The ten lucky "planets" are: Arthurdent, Linux, GNU, Stallman, the planet formerly known as Xena, Tolkien, Miyazaki, Mr. Spock, Douglasadams and Torvalds.

To round things up I decided to correlate my ten planets with the ten Sephiroth. Just to make this as geeky as possible, and to make interpretation a little easier. The order I wound up with is the order I listed the planets in above. Some of the correspondences are pretty obvious, some less so, but there is reason and epiphanies beyond each of them. (Such as the realization that GNU and Linux are perfect examples of the God and Goddess principles, respectively.)

Whether this set-up is actually any good for anything is questionable, but it was a fun little exercise all the same. And viewing the resulting chart, the placings and aspects are... not uninteresting.

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