30 October 2009

Metal Gear Solid 2

Update: Review of Metal Gear Solid 2.

As I said in my previous post, I was playing Metal Gear Solid 2 again. As it turned out, I was just a day away from beating it. So here's the review. To quote from it:

'Back around the turn of the millennium I was playing almost exclusively RPG's. Then a friend showed me Metal Gear Solid 2 and I thought it looked intriguing enough to try, so I borrowed it. Saying it changed my life would be a little over the top and cliched, but... What Metal Gear Solid 2 proved to me was that action games as well could be used as an efficient medium for storytelling. Also, its unique gameplay, with its perfect balance of realism and cinematic sci-fi action, proved quite addictive. And although I've played plenty of action games since then, I still rank Metal Gear Solid 2 as one of the best. If not the best.'

The so-called 'review' is nothing but praise, of course. But I don't think I'm alone in this world praising MGS2. It deserves it.

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