4 February 2010

Dreams from the Fresh Kills, Pt 3

Update: Third session of Dreams from the Fresh Kills online.

Well, this is a surprise. Another session of my current RPG played, and barely more than half a month since the last!

In this session the characters found an old fashioned opium den hidden aboard the famous Staten Island ferry. I'm not sure where that idea popped into my head from, but I loved it instantly when it did. Things are certainly getting strange, and the clues the players are finding only raise more questions. Which is, of course, as it should be.

This isn't the sort of game that can go on forever, though. We've played three sessions now, I think we must reach some kind of climax in just a handful more more sessions, or we'll just be dragging it on needlessly. Perhaps I should already be thinking about what to run next...

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