12 March 2010

A Hopeful Musical Post

I finally signed up for a MySpace artist page. There's nothing really worth seeing there yet, just a little info and a couple of tracks that are available elsewhere (just to test the upload feature). I mostly signed up so that if and when I actually manage to record something, I'd have a convenient place for friends to listen to it.

I've also tweaked the look of my music website a little, making it simpler and, I hope, more pleasing to the eye.

I'm happy to say that I've finally got around to experimenting a little with recording things, with hopes to produce a simple album of sorts (with a working title Odes to Melancholy). Now, don't hold your breath. Even if I ever complete it, it's certainly not going to be anything fancy. It'll be amateurish at best, I simply don't have the skills, the patience or the technology to produce polished recordings.

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