11 April 2010

Another Day, Another Idea, Another Pseudonym

OK, so I've recently talked about my new fantasy world, Va'ita, invented primarily for use in role-playing games. I've also talked about making up my own language for this world.

For quite some time I've thought it might be fun to do a fantasy concept album, of sorts. Something quite different from most of my songs, drawing influence primarily from video games. I considered setting it in my other fantasy world, Wyrmvoid, at one point, but after 'discovering' Va'ita I soon decided it would be much more interesting and suitable for the purpose. Now, in an unforeseen but entirely logical turn, I thought, hang on, I've got my own language for this world, why not write the lyrics in this language? This would be something totally different, and, possibly, if it worked out, quite cool.

As this would indeed be something totally different from my usual music, and rather specific in scope, I thought it might be appropriate to use a pseudonym for it, a sort of 'band' name. This should be something short and to the point, and naturally in the language my world. The word I came up with is 'Otagek', which means 'I make music'. I've got a little place holder site for the project here (nothing there to see, let alone hear, yet).

Now, as of this time, this project is just as much fantasy as the world of Va'ita. Like so many of my ideas, it may well never see the light of day. Which is a shame, of course, but what can you do...

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