4 April 2010

Easter vs Metal

Just a little filler post, as I haven't blogged in a while. A happy Easter to everyone! Personally, I think this is a perfect time to think about all the stories about sacrificed gods of light, such as Osiris and Baldr. It's fascinating how similar elements can be found in stories from cultures separated by time and distance. No one version is the 'true' one, I think. But that does not mean any one is entirely 'wrong', either. All myths and religions have their value. It's just sad that so many of them are spoiled by individuals who take them much too seriously and literally (often grossly misinterpreting them in the process).

On an entirely different note, the 'Paste Your Taste' feature at Last.fm is always interesting. The genres it lists keep changing a lot according to what you've been listening to recently, so it's not, perhaps, a very accurate description of one's real musical taste. Right now mine says I'm 'into rock, symphonic metal, power metal, metal and gothic metal'. Wow, that's a lot of metal. When did this happen? Has my taste really changed that much over the past year?

I guess it's true I've been listening to a lot of metal lately. Some of the more recent additions to my playlist include Epica and Kamelot. Epica, in particular, is a prime example of the melodic and atmospheric, yet powerful, even cinematic, metal I like. I was a little sceptical about the 'grunt' vocal segments they use for a long time. I've never been a fan of that type of singing. But it's funny how you get used to some things if you give them a chance.

Nightwish and Rhapsody of Fire are still probably my top two groups in the genre. I'm eagerly awaiting Rhapsody's upcoming new album! I'll undoubtedly blog more about it when I've heard it. Just have to try not to get too hyped about it beforehand. That way lies disappointment.

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