31 May 2010

Hitting Level 30, with Cake

Been a while since my last post, again. Mostly because there's nothing much to report, unsurprisingly. Still playing that FFXIII, going on 70 hours according to the game's clock. Still liking and disliking aspects of it at the same time.

So, I just hit the big Three-Oh in that great game they call IRL. Blimey, what happened to the last decade? Spent it doing sod all, that's what. Anyway, I haven't really had a birthday 'party' in years, not counting a few family members over for cake. I thought reaching lvl 30 would be a suitable occasion for something a little more special. And what's my idea of something special? Inviting a big bunch of my geek friends over to play Dungeons & Dragons, of course!

While playing it was my suggestion, a friend offered to game master, conveniently having a ready concept in mind. It was the first time I've played D&D 3.5, although the scenario was pretty simple and light-hearted, of course. It was more like a board game, really, than the usual character/plot-driven RPG's we play. I still think I prefer classic 80's incarnations of the rules. Of course the skills, feats and whatnot give the rules some depth, but I'm not sure that's really called for in D&D. But the game was fun, especially since not being the DM I didn't need to bother much about the rules. :-D

Just for the record, I'm not planning to have ten people seated in our living room again any time soon. Although it might be a fun idea making this birthday game an annual event.

(And then there was cake, but that's another story.)

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  1. Oh, and my heartfelt thanks to everyone present for your delightful company. (And gifts, of course...)


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