4 May 2010

A Short May the 4th Post

May the Fourth be with you!

In addition to it being Star Wars Day, it's also Day Against DRM. I'm not going to bore people with another rant about these things. Everyone already hates DRM, anyway, don't they? Just a reminder: you don't have to use products that utilise DRM!

'Just say no!' Boycott, and raise hell! Let them know we won't stand for it! The rights that count should be the rights of the common man. Most of all, reminder the silly buggers that there's no reason that sharing media should even be a threat. Quite the contrary, it's the best, if not only way to introduce stuff to new audiences and potential future buyers. Make a good product and they will come! Um, I guess I got a little ranty there anyway. I'll shut up now.

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