13 June 2010

Dreams from the Fresh Kills, Pt 5

Update: Last session of Dreams from the Fresh Kills added.

The fifth session, then, seemed like the suitable point to end my latest RPG mini-campaign. Like I've said earlier, it wasn't the sort of story that could drag on forever. And it got a suitably epic end, I think. If the story write-up sounds a little confusing... well, it's supposed to. (I omitted a lot of stuff and jumbled up the rest a bit, partly in order to make the end sound more dramatic and mysterious, partly as an excuse to avoid writing too much.) This was one of those sessions again when the players pretty much did nothing I could have planned for. But that's part of the fun, isn't it?

Now I'm seriously considering D&D as my next game for this group, if only for a few sessions. I've been talking about it enough for years already, haven't I? Last time I really had the D&D bug I designed the world called Wyrmvoid. But as time goes by and plans lose momentum, I'm afraid I have a habit of sort of going off of old ideas. Right now I'm in the mood for something much more original (though still D&D'ish at heart) , and I've got one or two strange ideas I'm toying with...

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