21 June 2010

One Solstice Night

It is the shortest night of the year, the summer solstice. In honour of this, I've decided to stay up till dawn, if I'm able. For company I've got a bag of liquorice (salmiak flavoured), and a bottle of 'Dry Anis' liquor, which I've never tried before, and decided to give a shot in celebration of the event. (Or rather, I'll be giving myself the shots - here I go with the bad puns already, and the night's hardly begun.)

23:00 - The sun should've set a few minutes ago in Helsinki. The first few minutes of 'night' are spent listening to Robbie Robertson's first album. I've been wondering how to spend the night. A friend at Facebook joked about working from dawn to dusk earlier, and we also chatted about vampires. Which naturally in my mind adds up to From Dusk Till Dawn!

23:40 - Tarantino plus Rodriguez... A match made in heaven! A formula for pure genius! One of my favourite movies, I might add. Also probably Clooney's best ever role. The aniseed stuff tastes, unsurprisingly, like cough sweets, or something. Probably best as shots. Mixed with the liquorice taste in my mouth, um, slightly peculiar.

00:15 - Just a couple of (angry) words about the DVD import industry... There appear to be some companies that make Scandinavian versions of DVD's really cheaply, and make a really half-assed job of it. For three reasons: a) They usually only have subtitles in the Nordic languages. In this global age English should be compulsory! b) The Finnish translations tend to be really crappy. c) For some reason a lot of these cheap imports seem to have a weird bug that makes it impossible to turn subtitling off! (And I've tried with several DVD players, so it's not a player issue.) If someone would like to donate me UK versions of this, and several other DVD's, I would not say no...

01:00 - Drinking shots in the movie! That means I'm having a shot too, of course!

02:00 - Movie's over. Sky's still a pale blue, turning to yellow near the horizon. And we're past halfway through the night, so it won't be getting any darker. A bird singing... probably a nightingale, but not 100% sure. A little tipsy, naturally.

03:00 - Watching the bonus disc documentary 'Full-Tilt Boogie'. (I've had this DVD for years, but I don't remember ever watching this before...) It's already much lighter outside than it was an hour ago.

03:55 - Documentary's over, and it's about time for sunrise. (Already? This night went faster than I expected.) And (surprisingly) it's a lot lighter than it was an hour ago! Might need to actually close the blinds if I want to get any sleep tonight... (Something I rarely do, my bedroom being on the north side of the house, and on the first floor, so neither light or privacy's rarely much of a problem.) Still a tad tipsy, but starting to sober up already. (I like to think I'm fairly good at that drinking in 'moderation' stuff. Honestly, I've only had, like, one really bad hangover in my life.) It's just... damn it, I don't feel at all sleepy now!

04:15 - OK, scratch that, I think I'm ready to crash. Good night, all!

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