20 September 2010

Coincidences and Occult Interior Décor

Parallels drawn between various symbols are an important element in occult traditions. Symbolic systems like the Tree of Life, planets and zodiac signs, or the four (or five) elements all correspond to each other, and to pretty much anything you can imagine, from spirits and deities to alphabets, plants or minerals. The more symbols you can include in a talisman, ritual etc. that somehow relate to the object at hand, the more powerful it is. Simple psychology, and perfectly logical.

This preamble really has very little to do with this post, other than (once again) stating my interest in occult symbolism.

So onward: I've got a few anime/manga posters hanging on my walls. Nothing particularly strange about this, knowing me. It's a pretty random selection. There's a Nausicaä poster and a Lum I've had for years. A couple Masamune Shirow posters, plus a Ghost in the Shell movie poster, bought more recently specifically with decorating this current room in mind. Not with any particular plan in mind, simple because I'm a fan of Shirow's work.

However, one day sitting here in the middle of the room, it occurred to me that the five posters correspond surprisingly well to the five elements, as follows:

One of the Shirow images is of a woman warrior pictured against a rather chaotic background. Behind the woman is a flame red bird resembling a phoenix. This is obviously the element 'fire'.

The second Shirow poster has a woman (probably a cyborg) in a more metallic, science fiction environment. In occult tradition the element 'air' is often associated with conscious thought and knowledge, which goes well with the science fiction theme. The woman also appears to have one ethereal wing behind her, which further creates an association with air.

The Nausicaä poster pictures the princess standing by the eye of an ohmu. The shades are mostly brown and earthy, but of course the story itself is enough to create an association with the element 'earth'.

The Lum poster is a dreamy image of Lum pictured against starry space. Space and oceans are of course frequently figuratively linked. The element 'water' is also often associated with dreams and the subconscious.

Last, the Ghost in the Shell poster creates an association with 'spirit' already through the title. The white background of the poster only strengthens the association.

Coincidence? Yes, of course it is, but that's hardly the point.

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