1 October 2010

Sintel, or Look, More Free Stuff on the Internet

The computer animated short film Sintel was released online today, available on YouTube and for download in various formats. This 15 minute work was created to showcase the power of the open source 3D modelling software Blender, and is released under a Creative Commons licence. Besides being a cool project from a free software viewpoint, it's actually a pretty neat short fantasy film about a girl looking for... well, don't want to spoil it, and in such a short film there's very little you can say without doing so.

In terms of narrative, 15 minutes is of course a very restrictive frame to work in. I think the structure and pacing could have perhaps been improved a little, but it's a pretty nice story anyway, and surprisingly moving. (Honestly, I was almost weeping. Not many movies do that to me.)

Hm, second post already about actual stuff happening on the Internet, rather than strange personal musings... What's the world coming to.

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