23 November 2010

Me VS Poetry

If you follow my blog or browse my website, you may notice I occasionally write poems. They're often a little angsty perhaps, a little naive, a little silly. I do not have any illusions of actually being a talented poet. I think sharing these poems may be more akin to an act of exhibitionism than 'art', a baring of the soul to the world in the dark, lonesome hours of night...

Writing poems for me is usually a very spontaneous act. An emotion arises, which needs to be expressed somehow. Or I'm just sitting somewhere and getting bored (I've got piles of poems written on train trips, for example). They tend to be fairly flow-of-consciousnessy things as a result. I don't rework my text a lot, either; once it's out it's out. Which means the language and rhythm is rarely anything very exceptional. (This applies to all my creative work, really. I'm really awful at editing stuff, I just want to get started on the next thing.)

I used to write some poems in metre in my early 20's, but it's been a long while since I've done that much (excluding a few song lyrics, perhaps, and the occasional haiku). Writing in metre takes a lot more effort and forethought, and since poems aren't exactly a high priority among my creative projects, it's not surprising I just don't have the motivation to write those these days.

In all honesty, I don't really read much poetry at all, nor have I any interest in doing so. I can appreciate a nice poem if I run into one, certainly, but frankly it doesn't happen all that often. Poetry for the sake of poetry just isn't for me. (Song lyrics are a whole other matter, of course. The additional layer of musical expression makes a world of difference.)

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