30 November 2010

Tiger's Daughter, Son of Wolf

Posts about poetry seem to be dominating my blog lately. Just this one more, and I hope we can get on to other topics...

In the early years of the current millennium, inspired by literature classes at university, I acquired a taste for old-fashioned metre and rhyme (writing, mind you, more than reading), where earlier I'd primarily been writing free-form poetry. This resulted in a few sonnets and other random pieces of verse poetry, mostly written during the first half of the decade. After that... well, laziness got the better of me.

Among those early experiments was something titled Tiger's Daughter, Son of Wolf. This was my first (and only) attempt at an epic. It was to be a long(ish) narrative poem, in tetrametre couplets. However, I never got around to finishing it. And, lazy sod that I am, there's no guarantee I ever will, so I decided I might as well share what I have written thus far.

Even unfinished it's easily my longest poetic work. As a story it's, well, a pretty simple adventure, even a little pulpy... Anyways, should anyone wish to read it, it's here.

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