25 January 2011

A Little Breather and the Consequences of Being a Careless GM

Outside there's twilight. (Nearly five, and not quite dark yet. Days are definitely getting longer.) I'm sitting here with the lights off, listening to the Rolling Stones' album Goats Head Soup. Have I ever written about Goats Head Soup? It's probably one of my favourite Stones albums, and has been for a long time. It has a nice psychedelic feel to it and I love to listen to it particularly on dark winter nights, feel the sway of the music.

Anyways, I'm just resting from another bout of songwriting. Yeah, another little project in the pipeline. I must be crazy. It's not like I don't have lots of other things I should be working on, and I really didn't mean to do something like this so soon after Sleeping Birds Lie. Honest.

This is how it happened. I ran another session of my current RPG campaign, Tales from the Teya'o Iva, a couple weeks ago. As often happens, we got through the material I had planned with a little time to spare, so I started improvising. I figured it would be fun (and suit the current plot situation) to set up a meeting with an NPC I'd introduced a few sessions back, a quirky teenage goth princess. I picked a location, the island of Otagelava, more or less at random, and the PC party received a mysterious invitation...

And this is where we decided to end the session. It was at home some time later when it struck me: I'd just sent the player characters to meet a goth princess on an island I've earlier described as a centre for music... The situation was simply too perfect for another musical episode. Once the idea occurred to me, there was no going back, not really.

So here I am, with another half dozen or so freshly written songs. We'll see what the reaction will be like this time, whether the novelty has worn off at all... The story will be quite different, of course, and the overall tone perhaps a little darker. There will undoubtedly be recordings of the songs available at some point (if I know my player group, they'll be demanding it), but it may take a little more time, I don't want to rush things this time.

Of course I've probably jinxed the whole thing by writing so much about it in advance. The element of surprise did contribute a little to the success of Sleeping Birds Lie, I think. My players graciously pretend they haven't heard anything, though.

And meanwhile, Goats Head Soup has turned into Dirty Work. This one I haven't actually listened to in ages. Not quite a similar classic, but got some decent harder rock numbers on it. Outside it's darker, probably as dark as it gets (which, in the city, with the snow, isn't really very dark at all).

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