5 January 2011

Not a New Year's Post, Quite

Hello world. Today I'm doing nothing at all. And it's about time. I'm knackered.

Of course there were a few easy-going days after Christmas (although there was still that whole Christmas stress to recover from), but then came New Year, the eve of which I spent in fun company, mostly just being our silly selves, and the days since have been spent game mastering, travelling (mostly on schedule, despite the weather), visiting relatives, meeting fandom friends, etc.. Today's only a brief respite, however. There's another role-playing game planned for tomorrow already, and more stuff for the weekend. How can having fun be so tiring?

There have been a lot of retrospective posts all around the web lately. I'm not sure what the point is, really, but what the hell... So what were the real highlights of 2010 for me? I've really loved watching (or re-watching) many great shows, and particularly Buffy, Battlestar Galactica and Babylon 5. Also, creating my new fantasy world Va'ita and playing some fun adventures in it was a wonderful experience. On the video game front, I guess Final Fantasy XIII stands out, even if it was far from perfect. Is it possible that that was the only major game I actually beat last year? What have I been doing with my time?

'Get a life,' I hear someone mockingly suggest? There is nothing in this world that could appeal to me more than the imagination and the many wonderful worlds it's given us. A geek I may be, but proud of it. My hobbies are my one true love, and I would not want it any other way.

Looks like over the last two years my blogging pace has been fairly constant, about a post per week on average. How I've managed more than twice that in 2008 I cannot fathom. I don't have that much on my mind, honestly. Thinking about new stuff to write about is, of course, becoming more and more difficult. Also, since these days my blog posts get automatically linked on Twitter and Facebook, I might be thinking a little more carefully about what sort of stuff I actually want to write about. (Not that more than a small handful of friends probably read my posts even then, or that I've ever been particularly shy about 'baring my soul' to the world...)

Todo list for today: Play a video game. Any video game. Just get back into the habit of playing, dammit.

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