18 January 2011

Opafu Seva'opa'u Urufata'e Hefek!

Ha'ut ohev!

I just realised that a few days ago was the first birthday of Urufata, or the Urufa language. According to a blog post from last year I would have begun developing it on January 15th, 2010.

Urufata started out as just a bit of fun, with no specific aims in mind, toying around with some ideas I'd entertained for some time. A little later, however, it became closely intertwined with the new fantasy role-playing setting I begun developing, the world known as Va'ita. This association (helped by the fairly active RPG campaign we've been playing set in the world) probably helped keep the language alive beyond the first few days. Otherwise it may have soon been forgotten like so many of my projects.

The language has come a far way since that first afternoon, of course, although a strong foundation was laid down during those first few days, and few radical changes to the basic elements of the language have been made. The vocabulary and grammar have, of course, been expanded greatly (though of course they'll probably never be truly 'complete').

Over the last few days there's been another fit of activity, focusing on tweaking my grammar materials, not really making changes to the language, but trying to better understand the underlying mechanics and use (hopefully) more correct terminology to discuss them (though I have also added a few new spiffy suffixes). I'm really no grammar expert. It's been a long time since those classes at university, and even then it was never my strongest subject. Wikipedia has been a great help, though. (My grammar notes and vocabulary list are currently viewable in Google Docs, but be warned, they are 'works in progress'.)

I wonder where the language will be a year from now. Hopefully not forgotten, I've put quite a bit of, well, 'TLC', if you will, into its creation, and it would be a shame if it was wasted.

Eyuu da'ibe'ot!

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