13 January 2011

What? I've Played a Video Game, You Say?

It's been a long while since I've added a video game review to my website. Like I said in a recent post, I've been much too lazy with my gaming in 2010. Hopefully that'll change this year.

Well, I recently bought N.O.V.A. from the PlayStation Network Store. It's a little sci-fi FPS title originally developed for phones, and recently ported as a 'PlayStation Minis' title. And for such, it wasn't half bad. Of course it doesn't compare with most modern FPS games, but for a light, affordable Doom alternative (since it's still not available for PS3), for someone like me who doesn't play many FPS games but occasionally gets the itch, it is at least acceptable. Anyways, I wrote up a quick review of it. I think it's also my first review of a game bought and downloaded entirely online. I suppose this is the future, then.

In sort of related news, I popped my head into a local second hand book shop recently, and saw they had a copy of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion for PS3 for a ridiculous 8€. This was the 'Game of the Year Edition', no less, which includes the Shivering Isles expansion. I'd never played any of the games in the series, but for that price I thought I'd take the chance.

I've never played much western computer RPG's, or games with a 'sandbox' style design philosophy. The larger-than-life characters and strong plots of Japanese titles like Final Fantasy VII have always been more up my alley. But having played about 10 hours of Oblivion, I'm fairly impressed. Just walking outside, admiring the scenery (quite pretty and detailed for a game that's a few years old already), stumbling upon a dungeon to loot, is fun enough, and then there's the variety of NPC's and quests... We'll see how long the magic lasts, but this could turn out to be a game I'll play a fair share of in the near future...

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