11 February 2011

Bainton's Bane and Other Friday Night Musings

I was just wondering, if I ever had a band, or even a nom de plume for a solo project, what might the name be? One of the first ideas that popped into my mind was Bainton's Bane. Nice bit of alliteration there, and there's the LotR allusion of course (but not too overt).

(One idea I've had for some time is Otagek or Otageg, 'I/we make music', but this would be for an exclusively Va'ita-related project, and I'm not 100% sure I would want to commit to only such a project, or have several simultaneous projects...)

In all honesty, I'm not at all sure I'd be a very good band member. For one thing, I'd want to focus a lot on my own ideas. However, I'm also very bad at communicating said ideas to others. The way I work when I'm writing (or recording) music is very unsystematic, just trying out things to see what works, not really writing much down in the way of notation. And since I'm not really a master of any instrument, I wouldn't know the first thing about arranging material for other people to play. So my ideal band mates would be people who at the same time were able to follow me without question and be creative and in charge of their own instruments; and, my confidence being what it is, were constantly supporting and encouraging me... Yeah. Right.

That being said, I'm not sure I can improve the quality of my recordings a whole lot currently, alone, my skills (and resources) being what they are (as I've undoubtedly written before). Something of a dilemma there.

Speaking of recordings, I ran my second ever musical RPG session a week ago. The project now has the title 'This Night of Songs and Flame-Lit Skies'. (Not pompous at all, no.) And no, I haven't done anything about recording the songs yet, although I've been meaning to start fiddling with some drum patterns all week. Last time I pushed myself to record the material in just one week. This time I'd like to try to proceed at a more leisurely pace, taking my time with it, and see if it makes any difference in the quality...

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