6 February 2011

Gimme Some Sid (With Free Music In!)

I've been listening to some stuff by this Swedish band called Machinae Supremacy recently. They basically combine power metal roots with some video game influence, and prominently feature chip tune sounds (particularly in the form of the SID sound chip, famous from the Commodore 64) in many of their songs.

They have several albums available commercially, but (and here's what makes this blog-worthy) there's also several albums' worth of free tracks they've done over the years available for download at their website. I always appreciate it when artists do stuff like this (imho, there's no marketing better than actually allowing the public to get to know you, without the need to immediately pay lots of money), particularly if they're not quite untalented, and Machinae Supremacy by no means aren't that. Although they haven't instantly made their way into my top favourites, there's some interesting ideas in there. Personally, I'd like to hear even more chip tune stuff, though. And the vocalist isn't necessarily to everyone's liking (though I think he may be slowly growing on me)... Still, for free material this is by no means bad.

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