16 February 2011

In Flight Logoistics

In my last blog post I mentioned musing on possible 'band names' or pseudonyms. While this was mostly for a bit of fun, there are deeper underlying issues there. Namely, the question of how I view my own identity as a musician/songwriter. While I like my name, it doesn't really say much about my interests or aesthetic goals. And of course lately I've been much influenced by metal bands, a world where cool names abound (frequently coupled with nice logos).

No really appealing pseudonyms, however, have presented themselves (and I remain a solo artist in any case, and don't really see a band happening in the foreseeable future, as I don't think there are that many suitable people among my friends and I have no interest in working with strangers), so I started thinking that an alternative could be to continue using my own name but design a nice, shiny logo around it. Of course it would have to be something a little gothic or fantastic to reflect my interests.

So I experimented a little last night and came up with one candidate, which is currently up on my music page, with some spiffy effects slapped on, to boot. (Another version, with very different effects, is in this preliminary cover draft for my next recording experiment.) The font is called 'Mincer', on Debian it's part of the package 'ttf-aenigma'. The wing graphic is from openclipart.org. The whole thing was put together in Inkscape.

The logo, at this stage, is primarily aimed for use in connection with my musical projects, both on websites and possible album artwork. Whether I'll stick with it, and for how long, it's too early to say, of course...

Wings and flying are a theme that's been much on my mind of late. They've played a very concrete role in my current RPG campaign (and thus my latest music projects as well), seeing as how it contains both winged creatures and flying machines, but they've also played a part in my more philosophical ponderings of late. In this context I like to see them as a metaphor for imagination and creativity.

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