20 March 2011

The Game's the Thing

So, I tried my hand at something entirely new recently: designing a brand new fantasy card game.

The thing is, while I'm a big fan of role-playing games and video games, I've never really been much of a board/card game fan. Repeating the same routines turn after turn, and waiting while others do the same, just tends to get me bored pretty quick. And I'm not particularly good at them, either. Stories are my thing. I need plot twists, interesting characters etc. to keep me happy. But of course when it's a game you've designed yourself, it's a whole other matter. And designing it is half the fun.

Actually, I invented this concept and thought up most of the rules a couple years back already, and it's been lurking somewhere in my subconscious ever since. A week ago or so, however, I finally, out of the blue, received the inspiration to take the next step: printing out some test cards and tokens and actually trying the game out in practise. Which we finally did last night.

The experience was mostly quite positive. Obviously there's a lot of room for tweaking, which was expected, but the basic concept seems to work. It's a light game, with a fair helping of humour mixed in. It's about goblins. It hasn't got a name yet, I'm just referring to it as 'the goblin game'. And I guess I won't be writing too much about it at this stage. We'll need several more test runs with my friends, and once I'm quite satisfied with it... Well, I don't really know what happens then. I guess we'll just play it some more.

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