30 March 2011

Loco for Logo

What is it with me and logos? Seems like an obsession, of sorts. And a means of procrastination, obviously.

Which is to say, I've tonight designed not one but two new logos. One for an RPG concept that might well never be used (as detailed in my previous post). The other for an older RPG, which is currently not being played, and whether it someday still will be is yet uncertain. Both can currently be seen on the slightly revised front page of my site's RPG section, together with a couple older designs.

Now, let's get one thing straight. I really have no talent for visual arts. But software these days is quite helpful. The way these logos come about is rather simple and easy, really. I pick a font, maybe a bit of clipart, arrange the words in a pleasing manner, slap on a few effects, and fiddle about with stuff until it starts to look somewhat acceptable. Often I'll have to make a couple fresh starts before I'm satisfied with the end product. Nothing truly original goes into the work, and I never actually draw anything.

My older graphics have mostly been put together in Gimp, but lately I've been experimenting more with Inkscape, and these latest examples have been done almost entirely in the latter, apart from some cropping and resizing. The clipart used is, as usual, from openclipart.org.

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