29 March 2011

The Strange Dungeons of My Mind, Vol. 2

Ah, world building, one of my favourite pastimes. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

First of all, there's Looking For Group. I was introduced to this web comic last week, and devoured the existing archives in just a couple of days. It's a humorous fantasy comic with lots of references to Dungeons & Dragons and other games, movies etc. It's frequently hilarious, and certainly recommended to any fantasy RPG fan.

And this has sort of put me in a a D&D mood. Again. This seems to be a periodical occurrence for me, and I've written about it before, on several occasions. But still I haven't run a D&D game for years. And what with running another big fantasy game for one group already, it doesn't really seem likely in the foreseeable future either.

One thing I do, though, when in these moods, is think about settings. As I've written before, I love fantasy settings that are original and imaginative. Combining this with usual D&D creatures and clichés can lead to some delightfully weird worlds. There have been a few different concepts I've toyed with these past few years. The latest came to me just last night (although it drew a little on past ideas), and seemed intriguing enough to jot down a few notes, with the working title 'Mapwalkers'. Yup, probably will never amount to much more than this, but at least it's got some kind of existence now.

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