12 April 2011

Tehra: Rainy Day Warrior

I don't really get what the point of designing a video game you'll only play for one evening is. At least if you expect people to pay for it, that is. A good game ought to have some depth and longevity.

Last night I played through PlayStation Minis title Tehra: Dark Warrior, which took a grand total of maybe three hours. And that's about it for this game, I think, even though the publisher's website promises 'hours and hours of gameplay'. Yeah, right. OK, there are some additional 'challenges' that I didn't really look into (that sort of thing's just never interested me), but still... There were actually some fun moments, but the story was borderline banal, and the gameplay, though adequately functional, was pretty simple, nothing really there to bring me back. I've never been that big a hack and slash fan... It was a bit of fun for the proverbial rainy day (it wasn't raining, actually), but that's it.

Obviously the Minis titles, as both the name and their prices suggest, aren't meant to compete with full priced games. But that doesn't mean they couldn't have even a little more longevity. N.O.V.A., another Minis title I wrote about earlier this year, even though not that much longer and rather too linear, left a more positive feeling. Sure, there's no guarantee I'll ever play it again (odds are I won't, really), but it at least left a feeling it could be moderately fun even second time round.

Anyways, a brief review of Tehra has been added to the review section.

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