19 April 2011

Yes, It's Yet Another D&D Concept

Last summer, when I was also suffering from a bite from the D&D bug as I am now, I tried to come up with a new setting that would contain all the classic D&D elements but be in some way more original and unique. One of the concepts I came up with was, surprisingly enough, set in our own world, under the Atlantic Ocean, in a domed city which was the last remnant of Atlantis.

BioShock may have been one inspiration for the concept. I've only actually played the demo of the game (as you might know, I'm not really that big an FPS fan, and although a game like BioShock might be interesting enough to play if I happened to run into it at a real bargain price, it's not really high amongst my priorities), but it did have a nice aesthetic to it. Combined with a bit of dark humour and maybe even a Pratchett-ish combination of fantasy and modern elements, it could have been a pretty weird and fun concept. However, I never got around to running D&D then, and even if I somehow found the time to run it now I'm not sure it would be my current setting of choice.

Even so, I decided to write up some of the main points of the concept, lest it be forgotten. Who knows, maybe someone somewhere could still find a use for the ideas. The setting is by no means complete, but the existing ideas can be found here, with the title Atlantis Avenue.

I have also restructured the RPG section just a little. With all the setting concepts I have been coming up with lately, I decided to devote a new page entirely to RPG settings. The horror setting/adventure Beyond the Bridge has also received a slightly lengthier introduction (and a new, suitably smudgy logo, to boot).

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