9 May 2011

A Grumbly Gamer Post

Over the weekend I've been watching bits of a charity Metroid marathon at www.thespeedgamers.com, which naturally got me thinking again about my current gaming (or mostly lack of it) and about the difficulty of gaming in the modern world in general.

Wouldn't it be cool if video games just worked? Isn't that the whole point of consoles? I don't know why, but it seems like there just is no perfect gaming solution for me right now.

PC's just aren't for gaming. Well, mine sure as Hell isn't. Last year I started having lots of problems with graphics, some nasty crashes after using graphics-heavy apps like games for a while. Possibly something to do with drivers, but I don't know... I haven't even tried games on it in ages. Who knows, the problem might even have been fixed, but I just got so fed up with the whole thing... Even without my specific problems, to get the most out of PC gaming you'd have to have a fairly new, expensive machine. And run Windows, of course, which for me obviously is a big no-no. Add to that the fact I tend to favour Japanese games, which are mainly for consoles.

But the consoles of today are far from perfect, too.

Nintendo products, well... Wii is obviously little more than a party toy. And parties aren't really my thing. But I really haven't had much interest in their products since the SNES. Sorry, but I'm just not interested in fuzzy colourful characters jumping about... When the PlayStation came around, all the more serious games apparently switched over to that. Metroid is one of the few actually cool Nintendo franchises, but that's hardly enough reason to invest in a system.

Then there's the XBOX, of course, but come on, can you honestly see a Free Software, GNU/Linux fan like me ever using a Microsoft product?! And yes, that is probably a very hypocritical attitude, but I can't really help it.

My respect for Sony crumbled long before the current PSN crisis. Their DRM policies, legal actions against console modifiers etc. just go against all I believe in. There aren't even that many really great PS3 games out there, either. But on the other hand, I can't really give up my PS3, either. For one thing, as I've outlined above, there just isn't any real alternative. And then there are those few exclusive games, like MGS4, that I really wouldn't want to live without.

Even playing PS1/2 games these days seems less than perfect. Picture quality on my (admittedly pretty crappy) LCD TV is pretty poor. And I'm sure it's not only due to being spoiled by modern HD games... And playing a 4:3 game on a widescreen TV is obviously always a little annoying. *Sigh*

I don't really understand why such a basic thing as video gaming needs to be so difficult. But enough complaining, I guess. It's not really helping, I'm afraid.

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