3 May 2011


Some of my (still rather unimpressive) music experiments have been available for download for a while now, and some of these may also be streamed at various websites (namely SoundCloud), but thus far I've lacked the capability to stream them right here on my website.

However, over the past couple days I've been experimenting with Open Standard Media Player. This is an open source media player application based on HTML5 technology. As an experiment, I've made pages for each of my main 'releases' (I use the word loosely, since they are still quite amateurish works), which include the embedded player together with lyrics and notes for sake of convenience. These pages can be accessed from my discography page.

Be warned: While the player seems to work fairly well for me (on my Debian GNU/Linux system, tested with a recent build of Chromium and Firefox 4), I can't give any guarantee that it will work on all platforms or browsers. Unexpected glitches may still also occur (I've been having some issues with playing longer playlists in order, for instance).

This also means that the early instrumental experiments released as the album Games That Could Have Been (previously only available at Last.fm and zipped download) is finally available for streaming.

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