30 June 2011

Of Lies and Cake

Even though I have a certain fondness for Doom, first person shooters haven't really ever been 'my thing'.

Despite this, I finally decided that I should maybe buy The Orange Box, particularly since you can get it pretty cheap these days. (For the non-savvy, this is a collection of several games by Valve, namely those in the Half-Life series, plus Portal.) And yeah, it's the PlayStation 3 version. I've read that the port (by EA) is very bad, but I'm afraid that's still really the only viable platform for me to play newer games on.

Puzzle games have always been even less 'my thing' than FPS's. So a game like Portal, which combines FPS elements with puzzle solving, didn't, for a long time, really strike me as something that would much interest me. But I kept hearing so much praise for it, I decided to finally give it a shot. I started playing last night, and finished it this afternoon. No, it's not a very long game, and I'm not sure whether it has much replay value either, once you've figured out the levels, but it did last a little longer than I expected at first, though, and had adequate incentive to keep on playing till the end.

And yeah, it is a pretty cool game, I guess. The gameplay mechanic was interesting and original, and the game short enough that it didn't get too repetitive. I liked the eerie atmosphere, too, as well as the twisted humour. I've written a brief review, but it doesn't really say much more than what I've already said. 'Simple and short, but original and not uninteresting,' pretty much covers it. I guess I might get the sequel some day, but not until it is much cheaper.

Next up: I don't really know yet, got several new, and old, games waiting. I might give Half-Life 2 a shot, or possibly Infamous, which I downloaded as part of the PSN welcome back package. I really have been neglecting gaming too much lately. I need to somehow get back in the habit.

It feels strange that most of the newer games I've been purchasing recently are of western origin. I guess I'm getting a little less prejudiced these days. But what happened to the Japanese video game industry, anyway? Seems to be precious little there these days that really interests me...

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