20 June 2011

The Rise of the Odd Idea

I doubt many people who read this blog aren't actually aware of this already, but of course you never know who might stumble here by accident...

As you might know, I'm a geek and a gamer. Which probably implies that many of my friends are such as well. And creativity tends to go hand in hand with these qualities. Earlier this year, one of my friends had the idea of sharing some of his stranger ideas via his Facebook statuses, ranging from realistic alternate history concepts to surreal fantasy and sci-fi. The idea behind this was, basically, to allow these ideas to entertain others, since not all of them could obviously ever be realised in RPG's, fiction or other media, as well as to possibly provide inspiration for other creative people.

The posts soon acquired the tag 'outo idea' (Finnish for 'odd idea' ), or just 'OI' for short. Occasionally myself and others have also shared ideas using the same format, although we haven't been nearly as prolific. (Some of mine have since been written up in more detail in the RPG settings section.) It hasn't quite become a global meme yet, perhaps, but I guess it has become something of a staple in our circle of friends.

So, as a natural evolution of the original concept, my friend has recently opened up his imagination to the rest of the world, in blog form. You can find his writings at odd-ideas.net. It could be useful as a source of inspiration, or simply as entertainment. But you don't have to take my word for it, go check it out for yourself. :)

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