30 June 2011

Sleep (and Sanity) Are in Another Castle

It's a little late to blog about this now, but last weekend was the fourth annual Mario Marathon. (My friends will have seen many a tweet and Facebook status about it during the show, of course, and even before. Which probably reached more people than this blog post will, so this is more of a round up than a plug.)

I watched some of it a year ago for the first time (I think I stumbled upon it through a tweet by Felicia Day, or something like that), and was quite impressed. This is a bunch of friends from Indiana playing through the main Super Mario games, non stop, streaming it live on the Internet. Add humorous chatting, zany performance numbers etc. for a surprisingly entertaining and addictive package.

Oh yeah, and it's all for charity, of course. They raise money (and awareness) for Child's Play.

So, this year I caught the show from almost the beginning, and watched a fair share of it. Not nearly all, of course. Not even half, I'm sure, what with pesky sleep and other activities getting in the way. But the number of hours was certainly well into double digits.

And it just kept going on and on. By Tuesday the end was finally in sight, and I felt I really needed to see how it all turned out, having watched so much already. Well, as it turned out, it was 8:30am (Finnish time) on Wednesday morning when the stream was finally turned off, and I had stayed up through the whole night. I don't regret it, it was a blast, and I had no special plans for the day, so I could still catch a few hours of sleep.

By that time the marathon had gone on for something like 110 hours, and raised over 110,000 dollars for Child's Play. And yes, I was inspired to donate as well. You can't watch these guys for hours on end and not appreciate what they're doing.

I really hope we'll see Mario Marathon 5 next year! Thank you for a great weekend, guys!

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