7 August 2011

The Compulsory Assembly 2011 Post

It's Assembly weekend again! Or was, it's over now, I guess. If you don't know what Assembly is, or the demoscene, my post from last year tries to explain it a little, so I wan't go into much detail here.

I didn't go, of course, mainly for the same reasons outlined in that post. Maybe I will one of these years. We'll see. But I spent a lot of time watching AssemblyTV again, and it was fun.

So, like last year, I'll just share some videos of a few of my favourite works. For starters, I'll just copy-paste from last year the description of what a demo in this context is (copied from the Assembly website):
Demos and intros are not pre-rendered animations but rather non-interactive programs made for a chosen computing platform (Windows, Mac, game consoles for few examples). These programs are made to show off one's skills and to entertain the general audience. Since the user cannot interact with the program flow the demos are kept short, packed with stunning visuals and often synched with a catchy soundtrack.
Once again the deserved winner of the demo compo was ASD, with their new cool and unique demo, Spin (albeit I found it perhaps a little more monotonous than their entry last year). One other demo that particularly stood out for me was Luna : Reactivation by Vovoid. There might've been potential for more in it, but I quite liked the aesthetics and attempt to bring in a little narrative.

The 64k intro category was cancelled this year, due to lack of entries. However, one entry intended for that category was included in the demo compo, and made it all the way to second place. This was Uncovering Static by Fairlight and Alcatraz. I imagine that the fact that people knew it was a 64k may have helped it on a bit, but it is a nice looking creation in its own right. And darn impressive for something packed into just 64kb.

4k intro... well, there were a lot of good looking effects, but the problem was, the entries were mostly about that one effect and nothing else. I'd like to see a little more variety and structure, even at the expense of maybe not having the best effects possible. Here's the winner, though, as a sample: Anglerfish by Cubicle, a fairly impressive feat for 4kb. A special mention should go to Coder Porn! by Archee for an absolutely brilliant cloth effect, but, alas, it's rather too short, imho, to consider it a particularly great demo.

Last, but not least, oldskool demo. Again there were fairly few entries, but the quality was not too bad, mostly. Once again the winner was Dekadence with another Amiga demo, Chaotic. Dark, atmospheric stuff again, rather similar to last year's, but with some new effects.

Then there were the music compos, of course. The quality this year was OK, I guess, but little really stood out for me. The extreme music compo had a few reasonably good chip tunes, such as this one, or this one, which won the compo. If I should pick one track from the main music compo, well... I'm actually kinda divided between Fast-Forwarding Thru Hell by King Thrill/Tekotuotanto and the winner, Tiananmen Ghost by Aikapallo.

(All the entries can of course be viewed in the archives at Assembly's website.)

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