22 August 2011

Introducing: Escape from Lowresia

Sometime in the late nineties I discovered Japanese console RPG's. Since I had always been interested in computer programming, I thought it would be cool to make something similar. I was working with very primitive technology at the time (QuickBasic was my primary programming language), which, combined with my lack of skills with graphics, meant the game would have been rather primitive, reminiscent of early 90's console games perhaps. But it was hardly surprising that the project never really took off.

However, I did create a handful of character sprites and stuff. Which for years have been lying around on old backup discs. So recently I had this idea: perhaps I could use those graphics to do something more simple and less time consuming than programming a game. Something like a... comic maybe? Obviously there are way too few amateurish web comics in this world, right? Um, yeah...

So yeah, it doesn't look fancy, it's put together from a limited selection of very lo-res graphics, and I don't know how long I'll have the motivation to keep up with it. But the first few pages are online now, and I'll keep adding pages weekly for at least a while. It's about characters created for abandoned games, who find themselves stuck inside the strange world of their creator's computer.

Here's the website.

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