15 August 2011

Living Worlds

So last weekend I game mastered not once but twice, for different groups. The first time I already blogged about. The other game was my ongoing campaign Tales from the Teya'o Iva.

Big things have been happening in that game. There's been a war. And now it looks like the war may have come to an end. With a bang. One major city has been left devastated. An emperor has disappeared. Under mysterious circumstances, of course.

These events are large enough to warrant updates to the world's website. Of course there is a lot of material there that could (and should) be tweaked and expanded, but thus far it has more or less been true. Now with the succession of a ruler and a major change to the nature of one significant location, this was no longer the case. Think of it as a content update patch to a game.

It was always my hope when designing Va'ita that it would become a lasting world, not just a momentary phase (like so many of my abandoned creative projects have turned out to be), that it would take on a life of its own. It is safe to say now that in the year and a half or so that the world has existed it has developed and been used more than any other fantasy world I've created over the years.

I also set out to create a world. Not just a single RPG campaign. It would be interesting to see it used in other contexts as well. But just now there don't really appear to be many opportunities for such things.

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