3 August 2011

The Secret of the Secret Blog, or, The Mystic Me

Is there anything as fun, and cruel, as telling people you're doing something that's secret? When I casually mentioned writing a secret blog in a Facebook status, my friends were obviously intrigued, if not outraged.

I've been debating if and when I should write about this, because I don't know what end it would serve, really. Is it merely attention-seeking exhibitionism? On the other hand, this 'secret' blog doesn't even have that much content, and it's impossible to say whether it'll have any longevity, or just get chucked into the large pile of my abandoned projects. And what there is, is unlikely to be of much interest to most people, if they even understand it in the first place. But since I was already in something of a soul-baring mode with my previous post, I'm thinking what the Hell... I'd end up talking about it sooner or later, anyway. 'Cause that's the kind of guy I am.

It's not that the topic is new, or that I would ever have tried to somehow cover up this interest of mine. I've touched upon it in this blog on several occasions (albeit not so much recently). But it is somewhat personal, and there are probably people out there who would think it at least odd, if not downright wrong. Which is strange, since basically it's just about the stuff that goes on in all our heads, about getting to grips with how the world works, and what one can do about it.

So, yeah, I'm talking about the Occult. The Big 'O'. Magick with a 'k'. The Black(ish) Arts.

This isn't really a 'coming out of the wand cupboard' post, since I've talked openly about my interest in magick before in this blog. But I might not have gone into the details much. And I'm not about to, not in this post or this blog, which is mostly meant as an outlet of my geek side. To call myself a magician would be something of a leap. I really can't brag about actually doing much. I'm about as adept at it as Rincewind (I probably mostly have laziness to blame for that). But I do like to think about it, toy around with various theories, etc. And when you think of things enough, you eventually need to write them down.

At one point I tried to start a section on spirituality under the existing website structure. But it never really caught momentum, and with the way my brain works (I always seem to have a need for new things, not being satisfied with a particular tradition or system), the articles there were very outdated before too long. Offline, personal writings tended to suffer a similar fate. I figured a new start was in order, a new format, more dynamic, flexible and spontaneous. So I decided to create a blog. This coincided with a certain shift in my own views, an attempt to approach the matter in a more free form, dynamic way than before, while also trying to remember the silly side of things. (These days I consider myself a proponent of the school of thought[sic] known as Chaos Magick.)

Reflecting all this, I named the blog Grimorium Vivum, the 'living grimoire'.

And there's little more to say about it. The usual sort of warnings, like, if you read the Grimoire, you'll probably go mad, etc. Oh, and there's the link.

Hail Discordia!

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