13 August 2011

The Strange Dungeons of My Mind, Vol. 3

A follower of my blog (if such a mythical creature exists) might have noticed me going on about D&D and Pathfinder RPG earlier this year.

Well, today I finally started my new Pathfinder campaign. I've been writing for years about wanting to run something D&D-ish again. Of course I always, until this year, imagined it would be with an earlier incarnation of the rules. But I do like Pathfinder. With all the options available, it does perhaps take a little more learning, but I think it's worth it. Probably. I hope so.

Nothing much happened, really. There were a couple fight scenes, some sneaking about a ruined tower. But I didn't expect much more. Time was reasonably limited, and we still had to put some finishing touches on the characters (created for the most part earlier this summer). This was more about learning the game than playing it. It'll require some more playing still before it runs really smoothly. But I, at least, enjoyed the session.

I have no idea as of now what direction the campaign will go in. The characters aren't perhaps the most... conventional possible. Words like 'Evil' and 'Chaotic' are found on several character sheets. This could be a recipe for disaster, game mastering-wise. Or we might just forget about such things, as often seems to happen, and keep on happily looting dungeons. Or there might be some mind-bogglingly huge plot involving the fate of the whole multiverse to get tangled in. If we don't get bored with the game in just a few sessions, that is. Only time will tell.

I'll not be writing plot summaries publicly for this game, as I have done for many previous campaigns. Partly this is because I may be using ready adventures at times (and the setting is proprietary, anyway), so writing much about them wouldn't really seem appropriate.

I indirectly have the web comic Looking For Group to blame for this campaign, although it turned out very different from what I was imagining at that time (see blog post from last spring). I hope Paizo Publishing appreciates the money LFG made me spend on their products.

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