31 August 2011

WEBCOMICS! (and Random Mushy Bits)

First of all, after over a week (omg!) Escape from Lowresia is still alive! I originally thought I would be putting up one strip a week for now, since I didn't want to commit overly to something like this, but I started to feel the pace like that would be infuriatingly slow, and I seemed to have a fair number of strips ready, so, guess what, twice weekly it is then, at least for the time being! (Wow, that was a long sentence.) If you've somehow missed this, EfL is a silly little webcomic about the antics of forgotten retro video game characters who find a new life inside their creator's computer. Geekiness abounds!

I'm tentatively thinking of Wednesday and Saturday for new strips. (Saturday because it was pointed out to me that the weekend is something of a gaping hole as far as web content is concerned. And there are plenty of Monday-Thursday strips, some Monday-Wednesday-Friday strips etc., but none that I follow release on weekends...)

And onwards, but not untouching upon the same topic...

If I discovered new webcomics every week I'd be... dead. I kinda have this habit of being pretty intense in reading through the back archives of a new discovery. It happened with Girl Genius, and Looking for Group, and now Questionable Content. (Honestly, even if I did survive the first few days of every new comic, I don't think I'd want to be following all that many more than I do at the present. A lot to keep track of as it is.)

Questionable Content is fun, although it maybe, partly, appeals to a slightly different part of me than comics like Girl Genius or LFG. Of course it does have some sci-fi elements and tons of geeky references, but it's mainly about people and relationships. I don't usually consider myself a romantic, in that sense (quite the contrary really, a cynical cold self-centred bastard in many ways). So it's a mystery to me why sometimes, just sometimes, a particular relationship story affects me in a weird way. Even defining that 'weird way' is rather hard. Like a mix of nostalgia, longing, amusement, an 'awww-factor', etc. The fact that I am, indeed, single, must be a factor of course. Perhaps there's even a slight masochistic streak, the part of me that enjoys melancholy and nostalgia... (Oh gods, I'm not going emo, am I?!)

And... this can't really be of interest to anyone really, so I guess I ought to spare you and leave it at that.

(Oh, and Hannelore is, like, totally hot. What? I have a thing for strange girls, so what?)

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