30 September 2011

Braid and Bundles

Last year I got the second Humble Indie Bundle as a gift (and, as it turned out, the first bundle was included as a bonus, too). I'm only now getting around to looking into the games included, since my computer back then wasn't very co-operative when it came to gaming.

So, over the last couple days I beat Braid, the acclaimed platformer/puzzle hybrid. It was a pretty unique and interesting game, although a couple of the puzzles drove me to the brink of frustration (and relate social network venting). Puzzle games aren't really my thing, as I've probably said before. Anyways, I've written up a brief review. (It's a strange coincidence that the previous game I wrote of in the review section was Portal, another unique puzzle game.)

This happened to take place just when the latest Humble Bundle offering (the Frozen Synapse Bundle) was released. So, go buy some games, if you feel like it. It's for a good cause. Or several, in fact.

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