18 September 2011


So, recently I was playing a few songs to a small group of friends, and we were joking about my not having a Facebook fan page that they could 'like'. Apparently just being my friend is not good enough...

So, I went ahead and created not one, but two pages on Facebook.

The first is, well, just for me. At least for starters it'll be mostly about my music projects. You can find (and 'like' it here. At this stage it is of course more of an inside thing than a 'proper' fan page. I'm still not really satisfied with the quality of my recordings, and I can't say my music has really reached very wide audiences. My fan base may be loyal and even enthusiastic on occasion, but it is still rather small, and pretty much all of them that are on Facebook are probably already my friends...

The second is of course for Escape from Lowresia. I surmise that this one might have more potential to be genuinely useful in the near future, even though I'm not currently aware of any readers outside my circle of friends. You can find it here. (And as hard as I look, I can't find a page category for comics, let alone webcomics. Seriously, Facebook?)

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