21 September 2011

Feeds and Pages, or, Not Quite Viral Yet

This is largely a test post, since I've been having troubles with my blog's feed and Twitter/Facebook updates lately. (I use Twitterfeed for these updates, for both the blog and my webcomic, Escape from Lowresia, and for the most part it has served me well.) But since I'm here, I'll try to think of something to talk about...

So, Escape from Lowresia, eh? After the first month it's still alive and new strips are posted regularly. Like clockwork, in fact, since the publishing process is now pretty well automated. We've finally met some new characters, and things can only get more exciting in the future. Feedback from my friends has been quite positive.

However, thus far I'm not aware of any readers outside my circle of friends. I'm not really surprised by that, since I've mostly only promoted the comic on my personal Facebook account (and Twitter, but I don't really have that many followers there). But I don't know what more I could do at this stage, really. This sort of thing probably mostly travels by (digital) word of mouth. So, how about it, my friends? Let's get chatty! If you genuinely like my comic and want to show your support, the best thing you can do for it at this point is probably spreading it around.

The first arbitrary goal could be to get 25 'likes' on the Facebook page, since this is apparently required in order to get a 'username' for the page (i.e. a shorter url). There should be some kind of carrot, I guess. At the very least there'll be a bonus strip if we reach this goal. I'll try to think of other ways to celebrate this and future milestones as well, though currently I have no idea what this could be...

Meanwhile, managing pages on Facebook proved surprisingly convenient. Registering them was pretty simple (the hardest part was probably deciding on an appropriate category, particularly in the case of EfL, since there just didn't seem to be a really appropriate choice). A 'Pages' segment then appeared in the sidebar on the left, from which I can get to my pages with one click. When I write something on my page's wall, it automatically writes as the page, likewise when I comment on a post by the page, even when I'm in my personal news feed. Handy.

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