4 September 2011

Post-Geek 2: We Need to Go Deeper

This carries on from last night's blog post.

So I've been still thinking about how I might define 'post-geek' and what such an idea might mean to me. And I repeat, this is all probably meaningless nonsense. After all, I'm rather too close to the subject to have objective views, even if I was of a theoretical mindset, which I'm not.

How would I define my idea of 'post-geek' (which, again, is not necessarily identical to other people's definitions for such a term) in a nutshell? Perhaps something on these lines: 'having a strong interest in genre fiction and/or related phenomena, while going beyond a need for restricting genre distinction and embracing this interest as a part of life rather than something distinct from everyday existence.'

At the root of this all is of course an idea of individualism. I may be defined in part by my interests, but they are merely facets, the 'gestalt' is something quite different. And interests change over time, even the persistent ones wax and wane. I am not in any way obligated by them, or by other people that might be associated with them.

But individualism is bloody hard. Like I said in the previous post, we seem to have an inherent need to identify with something, to define ourselves in terms of (sub)cultures. Just being one's self is really difficult. Even this attempt to somehow define and narrow down a new(ish) term could be seen as an expression of this need to belong and define myself. In real individualism such labels would be pretty much redundant.

I'm not sure this concept of 'post-geek' I'm imagining can really be called a 'culture'. It is, by definition, very broad and unspecific. (A sort of 'holistic geekness', if you will. Geeky allusion somewhat intended.) But has that ever stopped anyone? Like I said, we have a need to define ourselves, and if doing so with restrictive labels goes contrary to our ideas of individualism, perhaps we really do need to make up silly, philosophical labels that don't really mean anything much at all, and define ourselves in terms of those.

So, the question is, is it identity crisis time? Somehow I feel this topic isn't quite exhausted yet...

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