26 October 2011

Another Post with Free Music In

Like instrumental post-rock? Like free music? Then read on...

Um, er, what is post-rock, you ask? I think I've mentioned listening to that sort of stuff earlier in my blog. Wikipedia says:
'Post-rock is a subgenre of rock music characterized by the influence and use of instruments commonly associated with rock, but using rhythms and "guitars as facilitators of timbre and textures" not traditionally found in rock. Post-rock musicians typically produce instrumental music.'
And later:
'Post-rock compositions often make use of repetition of musical motifs and subtle changes with an extremely wide range of dynamics. In some respects, this is similar to the music of Steve Reich, Philip Glass, and Brian Eno, pioneers of minimalism. Typically, post-rock pieces are lengthy and instrumental, containing repetitive build-ups of timbre, dynamics and texture.'

So, I've also mentioned the webcomic Questionable Content earlier. Well, guess what, its author, Jeph Jacques, is also a pretty good musician, and has released a bunch of tracks under the name Deathmøle, which actually originates from the comic, being a band made up of some of its protagonists. While he's released this material for free, finding it all seems to require a bit of detective work, since he's originally released them one track at a time. This post, however, contains links to zips of some of the albums.

Another band I discovered not too long ago is called Shadowcast Sun. I found it through a website called freemetalalbums.com, a site which may well contain many hidden gems. Their albums can be downloaded from their website.

Both these artists lean towards the heavier side of post-rock, and could probably be classed as post-metal. They have a nice, atmospheric sound, though, and I like to listen to them late at night, with lights dimmed.

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