17 October 2011

MaSu Concert Video - For Free

Want to see a not un-neat metal gig, totally free?

I've mentioned the band Machinae Supremacy before in my blog, for a couple of reasons. One is their video game influences and use of SID chip sounds in their music. The other is the fact that, in addition to several regular, commercial albums, they have several albums worth of material available for free download on their website. While of course the quality of such material might be a little more of a mixed bag than their commercial albums, it is still something I respect greatly.

This summer they played at Assembly (an event I also blogged about). Assembly TV wasn't able to broadcast the gig live at the time, but now, after some quality post production, MaSu has released the concert video for free, via Pirate Bay.

This is a high quality video, 80 minutes long. As they say in the release notes, 'sharing is caring'. I'm sure there are other bands that could learn something from this.

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