4 October 2011

Trine (and Bundles, Again)

Right on the heels of Braid, I played another cool indie platformer, Trine. Like the previous game, I got this as part of a Humble Indie Bundle. The latest bundle is still available as I write this, and if you pay enough (currently more than $4.66), you'll get Trine and other games as well as a bonus.

Although I was slightly wary of playing another platformer right after Braid, Trine proved to be lots of fun, and quite addictive. And a very different type of game altogether. I've once again written a brief review for my website.

This game alone would have been worth the few measly bucks I paid for the bundle, and there's still several others I haven't tried. Of course I would've gladly paid more if my financial situation was any better. It's for charity, after all. But this is how it should be, of course. Good games ought to be within anybody's reach, not just for the wealthy.

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