4 November 2011

A Little Blog Post About Hype

It's one week to the release of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I finally managed to get around to ordering the game this week. And I must admit, I'm a little excited.

It feels as if Skyrim is easily the most hyped game in years. Of course having 'liked' the Elder Scrolls page on Facebook, I'm probably getting more saturated with news items than I might have otherwise, but I do keep running into it in other sources as well.

I rarely get very excited about new game releases. Of course there are a few particular series I'm a fan of. Releases of Metal Gear Solid titles in the past, for instance, have been not insignificant events. And Final Fantasy games, of course, although recent titles haven't really been all that special, and I've hardly had great expectations for them. But I don't think there has really been any particular game I would have been really looking forward to since maybe MGS4. There may be titles I eye with mild interest, but I'm usually quite willing to wait till I run into them for a bargain price, often years later, if I ever get them at all.

What's strange about the Skyrim thing, is that it's not really the type of game I used to get excited about, either. For a long time I played pretty much exclusively Japanese games. It's only quite recently that I've begun to open up more to certain western titles. I've also usually not been all that into the whole 'sandbox' thing, preferring games with a strong storyline and characters, which is really hard to do in an open world.

I'm also coming in very late on the whole Elder Scrolls thing. I got Oblivion second hand last winter and played some of it, and quite enjoyed it, but, as often happens with long games, I got sidetracked by something, and time went by, and then with Skyrim drawing ever closer it didn't really seem to make sense to get back into it, my attention span being what it is and me not wanting to spoil the experience by playing too much of a similar thing. (Wow, what a sentence...) So I never got around to even beating the main story in the game. But the seeds of interest were sown, and there were elements of the game I quite liked.

And what I've seen of Skyrim... well, it does look impressive. Improved visuals (which, frankly, were by no means shabby in Oblivion), streamlined gameplay, better voice acting, a new, big world to explore... Even if it doesn't quite live up to all the hype, ruling out some really bad technical flaws or something, I'm not seeing any way I cannot get a fair share of enjoyment out of the game. I hope I'm right.

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