21 December 2011

2011 Wrap Up Post

It's been a not uninteresting year. So a traditional highlights post is in order, I suppose, and a little look toward what's cooking next year. Sure, the year's not quite over yet, but there's no time (for procrastination) like the present...

The most noteworthy event is sure to be starting my own webcomic, Escape from Lowresia. It was a very spontaneous creation, really. For whatever reason, I ended up contemplating these old sprites I had from abandoned game projects, and thought, what the heck, why not try actually making something out of them. Which has thus far resulted in about four months worth of twice weekly comic strips, and is likely to continue on a regular schedule at least for the foreseeable future. Although, while the response from friends has been very positive, the fan base hasn't been growing very fast, what with me being really bad at marketing myself and stuff... (If fans of the comic happen to have great ideas about how to promote it, I'd certainly be interested in hearing them.)

Other than that, my life has mostly been defined by the usual geeky activities; gaming, music etc.

The RPG front has again been fairly active. My ongoing campaign Tales from the Teya'o Iva has provided much fun. Another noteworthy event is discovering Pathfinder and getting back to some oldschool-ish fantasy gaming after a long break. These games are likely to continue next year as well, and there are some other, crazy ideas also in the works...

With video games I've again been rather lazier than I'd like, I'm afraid. Skyrim is probably the most notable event for me this year. Finally getting round to playing Portal is probably worth mentioning (though I still haven't managed to buy Portal 2). And I've played a bunch of interesting small indie games, too, so at least there has been variety, if not great quantity. Games produced in the west seem to have dominated my gaming this year, which is somewhat new. Though I did also finally play through FFX-2 (and found it unexpectedly entertaining). I don't really have many games lined up next year that I'm particularly looking forward to. FFXIII-2 will of course be a must play.

Some of my favourite music from this year includes new offerings from Nightwish, Within Temptation, Tom Waits, etc. If anything, I think my listening habits this year have been more varied than ever. Metal still comprises a large part of it (with genres ranging from symphonic to power to black), but as usual, there's a lot of classic rock, soundtracks etc. thrown into the mix. I've also been exploring new genres, like post-rock. (You can check out my profile at last.fm, if you wish.) Next year I'm looking forward to at least new material from Garbage and Epica. And yes, new material made by myself will be along sooner or later...

And yeah, I guess I must also admit to succumbing to a certain degree of bronyhood.

It looks likely to be a 'black' Christmas here in Helsinki. I think it may be a first for me, having spent most of my Christmases further up north. And I'm loving it. After the last couple winters we've had, I'm just bloody sick of snow. Let it be dark and dank!

EDIT: I realised I'd neglected to mention charity video game marathons. These have provided some great entertainment for a bunch of weekends this year. I think I first discovered the phenomenon last year, probably through someone's retweet about Mario Marathon 3. I watched a fair amount of Mario Marathon 4 this year (my blog post about it), and a few others, like g33kWatch's Mass Effect Marathon 2, and Metroid and Zelda marathons by TheSpeedGamers. This is a trend that will surely continue next year.

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